Capital International Manpower Company Pvt. Ltd.
Required document from Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & UAE to recruit the Manpower from Nepal
1.     Demand Letter.
2.     Power of Attorney.
3.     Employment Contract.
4.     Guarantee Letter
5.     Agency Agreement.
Required document from Saudi Arabia to recruit Manpower from Nepal
1.     Visa Slip (Inquiry Visa).
2.     Consulate Authorization
3.     Demand Letter.
4.     Power of Attonery.
5.     Commercial Registration.
6.     Employment Contract.
7.     Agency Agreement.
8.     Guarantee Letter.
9.     Attested by Nepal Embassy
Required document from Malaysia to recruit the people from Nepal
1.     KDN approval (from Labour Ministry).
2.     Translation letter (from Labour Ministry or Home Ministry).
3.     Demand Letter.
4.     Power of Attonery.
5.     Agency Agreement.
6.     Employment Contract.
7.     His Excellency ( Letter written by employer company to Malaysian Consulate in Nepal).
8.     Letter from Royal Nepal Embassy to Labour Department Nepal.
9.     Notary Public ( Notari awam).
10.     ID copy of authorized person of Employer Company.
12.     Attested by Nepal Embassy
About Us
Capital International Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is registered company under the Ministry of Labour of Nepal Government of Nepal with license no. 543/061/062. Achievement of Capital International Manpower Pvt. Ltd on rapid growth is because of planned Manpower recruitment development strategy. It has always helped to deploy of all category such as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower, which supports the economy of the candidates as well as of the nation.